Treatment of dyslexia

Does your child have trouble reading and writing? Reading and spelling difficulties (LRS) can lead to frustration and a lack of self-confidence in children and adolescents. But don’t worry, the speech therapy practice in Düsseldorf can help you and your child.

We diagnose and treat reading and spelling difficulties with individual therapy.

Effective treatment by speech therapists

Our experienced speech therapists specialize in helping children and young people with LRS. We offer personalized therapy options to meet the specific needs of each patient. Our therapy approaches are evidence-based and help to improve the reading and spelling skills of our patients.

Our treatment for LRS includes:

  • A comprehensive examination to identify your child’s specific learning disabilities.
  • Development of an individual therapy plan tailored to your child’s specific needs and abilities.
  • Exercises and activities aimed at improving your child’s reading and spelling skills.
  • Working closely with parents and teachers to ensure successful therapy.

Our goal is to help your child improve their reading and spelling skills and build their confidence. We work closely with you and your child to ensure treatment outcomes are successful.

If your child suffers from LRS, do not hesitate to contact us. Our speech therapy practice in Düsseldorf offers you and your child the professional support you need to improve reading and spelling skills. Contact us today to set up an appointment.”

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Characteristics of spelling and reading disabilities

Children and young people with reading and spelling difficulties (LRS) can show different characteristics. Here are some common characteristics that can appear in LRS:

  • Difficulty reading words or whole sentences
  • Difficulty writing words or complete sentences
  • Error reading or writing words that are spelled phonetically (e.g. “fals” instead of “barrel” or “arrow” instead of “arrow”)
  • Difficulty recognizing and using upper and lower case letters
  • Difficulty understanding tasks and instructions
  • Slower work pace in reading and writing
  • Difficulty remembering learned words or phrases
  • Lack of confidence and frustration with reading and writing

It is important to note that each child with LRS may be affected differently and may not have all of the characteristics. If you suspect your child has LRS, a comprehensive evaluation by a speech therapist or other professional is required to make a correct diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment.

duration of treatment

The length of treatment for dyslexia (LRS) in children and adolescents varies depending on the severity of the disorder and the individual needs of the patient. There is no set length of treatment as each patient is unique and may progress at different rates.

Typically, speech therapy to treat LRS takes several months, sometimes even years. During this time, the speech therapist works closely with the patient and, if necessary, with their parents and teachers to identify the specific learning difficulties and to develop individual therapy plans.

Treatment may also include exercises and activities that need to be done outside of the sessions. Compliance with these exercises and activities is critical to treatment success and can accelerate patient progress.

It is important to emphasize that every patient is different and requires individual treatment to achieve the best possible result. Your speech therapist will provide you with a time frame throughout the treatment process and provide you with regular feedback to ensure you are on track and making the desired progress. Early treatment can help the child improve their reading and spelling skills and boost their self-confidence.

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